The digital interface for simple and efficient data exchange between dealers and suppliers in the bike industry


Together with BIKE&CO, Tridata GmbH has expanded the well-known Veloconnect interface and added many useful functions. This has resulted in a new Europe-wide digital standard for simple and efficient data exchange between suppliers and dealers in the bike industry – velo.API.

Velo.API or Veloconnect? You don’t have to decide! With a velo.API server, you can offer your customers both standards with multiple functions.

It’s important to note that velo.API builds up on Veloconnect 1.1. All ERP systems are still able to communicate with the interface as before, even if they haven’t integrated velo.API yet. Veloconnect 1.4 is also available as an add-on.

Simplified integration for suppliers:
velo.API allows the connection of the platform backend via REST. This development promises a significant simplification of server programming from the supplier side. REST is an architectural style that facilitates communication between computers and provides a unified interface through standardized HTTP methods.

Which advantages does velo.API offer?